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  • M-64s right view

ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Sign Printer for Nikkalite Reflective Sheeting

Media: Up to 48" wide. And up to 25 yards long.

Free Setup & Local Delivery

Quick Overview:

Large Fomat Printer


Standard Features: 900 x 900 dpi, High Speed Printing, Consistent Color, 10 year traffic sign warranty. OKI’s advanced nozzle compensation technology automatically re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality. Dynamic Dot Printing Technology controls and optimizes dot size and density for each print mode, Smart Pass Eliminates banding, reduces graininess in halftone areas and produces smooth skin tone images for exceptional print quality at high speeds, on various media. Print from a USB thumbdrive.

The ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Sign Printer for Nikkalite™ Reflective Sheeting is a wide format printer that we recommend for Traffic Signs.

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  • Free Setup & Local Delivery
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Hardware Accessories:

  • Cutter Unit (64")
  • Exhaust Attachment
  • 2" Flange
  • Extra Ionizer Kit

Required Supplies: Ink.

6 or 7 Color Model with large 1.5 Litter bags:

  • SX or 3M SX Ink Yellow
  • SX or 3M SX Ink Magenta
  • SX or 3M SX Ink Cyan
  • SX or 3M SX Ink Black
  • SX or 3M SX Ink Light Cyan
  • SX or 3M SX Ink Light Magenta
  • SX or 3M SX Ink Gray